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R1 LBS by Rule 1 Proteins

R1 Gain by Rule 1 Proteins

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Rule 1 R1 Gain is a potent weight gainer that produces maximum protein synthesis and supports gastric health as well because it is heavy in calories and protein. For athletes, bodybuilders, and other energetic people who struggle to meet their daily protein and calorie goals, this bulk gainer is a gift from heaven. Rule 1 R1 Gain blends a whey-only protein combination in a 1 to 1.5 ratio with low GI carbs. Each serving of this combo contains 530 kcal, 50 g of protein, 75 g of carbohydrates, and 3 g of fat, nourishing and energising your body to the hilt with premium components.

Rule 1 has also eliminated a few unnecessary ingredients:

  • ZERO Creamers
  • ZERO Gums
  • ZERO Amino Spiking
  • ZERO Soy Protein
  • ZERO Banned Substances

For many people, it can be difficult to consume enough calories to gain weight while exercising regularly. Use Rule 1 R1 Gain, one of our top-selling mass gainers, to avoid making it more difficult than it needs to be!

  • Rich source of nutrients
  • A pure whey protein isolate formulation
  • Consists of extremely lean carb sources (glucose polymers, organic rice bran low glycemic)
  • Using glutamine and BCAAs to stop muscle loss
  • 100% whey mixture.
  • BCAAs and glutamine were added.
  • Superior carbohydrates.
  • 530kcal.
  • 75g of carbohydrates, 3g of fat, and 50g of protein.

For maximum absorption and little gastrointestinal stress, this combination solely includes premium whey protein sources, such as whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolyzed peptides. Every single cell in our bodies depends on protein. Protein is used by the body to aid in tissue growth and repair, which is crucial while strength training. The three-whey blend in Rule 1 R1 Gain assures a rich amino acid profile and helps to maintain a healthy weight while accelerating recovery after exercise, preventing muscle loss, and building lean muscle.

The ideal low GI blend of carbohydrates for everyday intake is made possible by the combination of maltodextrin, rice bran, and Pisum Sativum. This combination guarantees a continuous release of glucose into the bloodstream and prevents blood sugar falls brought on by carbohydrates. Rule 1 R1 Gain is a high-protein, high-calorie supplement that enables you to achieve maximum protein synthesis thanks to the combination of the BCAAs and the Glutamine Power Blend. Take your fitness objectives to the next level by utilising the strength of this premium weight gainer that is loaded with nutrients.

Directions of use: Take 2-3 serves daily with 400mls water/milk

R1 Gain by Rule 1 Proteins Nutrition Facts

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