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Attention Cheat Mode by Faction Labs

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Faction Labs Attention

Boost your brainpower with Faction Labs Attention Nootropic! This carefully designed formula is the strongest, most thorough, and effective nootropic supplement on the market. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that have positive effects on mental skills and therefore benefit students, athletes, older adults and busy professionals. The powerful blend of 16 active ingredients makes Faction Labs Attention Nootropic ideal for anyone seeking improved energy, focus, motivation or mental clarity.

  • Promotes attention, focus & mental cognition.
  • With 16 active ingredients.
  • Zero sugar & gluten.
  • Great tasting flavours.

Lion’s mane extract is the key ingredient of this formula. This ancient medicinal mushroom has a long history of being used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to support overall health and longevity. Packed with minerals and vitamins, Lion’s mane has antibiotic, anti-fatigue and anti-aging properties. Its neuroprotective effects may help improve cognitive function, reduce mild anxiety and protect the digestive tract. Each serve of Faction Labs Attention Nootropic contains 1g of Acetyl-L-Tyrosine which is an amino acid that improves your memory, enhances cognitive function, calms stress and relieves anxiety levels. This formula also contains the nootropic Citicoline (CDP Choline) to increase the clarity of thought, improve focus, enhance memory and more. Last but not least, the natural compound Alpha GPC increases strength, boosts endurance and enhances overall performance. Take your performance to the next level and try Faction Labs Attention Nootropic!


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