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Plant Powder Complete Protein by International Protein

Plant Powder Complete Protein by International Protein

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International Protein Plant Power Complete Protein

If whey protein is just not doing it for you anymore, get ready to experience the power of plants with International Protein Complete Plant Protein. This product contains a blend of pea and rice protein which results in a much better amino acid profile than if you were to consume only one plant-based source. The leucine content of this product has also been boosted to assist with maximising muscle protein synthesis which is a crucial process for building muscle. Mung beans and maca have also been added to this amazing protein for their positive effects on gut health and digestion. If you are not already sold, Complete Plant Protein comes in some unreal flavours including Vanilla Custard, Choc Cherry and Anzac Biscuit, so you know that your taste buds will be happy. Try it out for yourself by getting hold of a tub of Complete Plant Protein from International Protein today!

Key Ingredients

Plant-Based Protein Blend of pea and rice provides a rich and diverse range of amino acids which heightens the quality of the protein being consumed. Vegan proteins often lack enough essential amino acids to stack up with their milk-based counterparts however combining sources can nullify this problem.


  • Available in 3 amazing flavours
  • A fantastic alternative to whey for people with sensitive stomachs
  • Protein digests slowly and can help keep you fuller for longer
  • Added digestive enzymes to improve nutrient uptake
  • Protein is crucial for promoting recovery and lean muscle gain

Directions of Use

Mix 1 scoop (35g) of International Protein Complete Plant Protein with 400ml of milk or water depending on your personal preference. You may notice that the overall consistency of this product is slightly thicker than a regular whey protein however this can be mitigated by simply adding more fluid.

Plant Protein Nutrition Facts

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