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Body Science BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle

Nitrovol Lean Muscle by Body Science BSc

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Body Science BSc Lean Muscle
  • Maximise lean muscle mass gains
  • Ideal 60:40 carb to protein ratio for lean muscle growth without bulk
  • Maximise strength
  • Creates an anabolic environment to maximise muscle growth
  • Creatine for cell volumisation and strength
  • Promotes recovery and repair aid growth and maintenance of muscle

Body Science BSc Lean Muscle is an ultra premium lean muscle protein powder combining a whey and casein blend designed for optimal results both after training and as a general all purpose protein. If you are searching for a protein powder that can help you build your muscles without adding bulk, this is one of the best choices out there.

BSc Lean Muscle (NitroVol) is rich in nutrients which are generally considered the best available for lean muscle growth, strength and recovery. Unlike conventional supplements that focus on only one area such as high protein, strength, or energy, Body Science Lean Muscle harnesses the power of several bioactive nutrients to provide multi-level support by combining ingredients that have both short and long-term effects. BSc Lean Muscle Protein is a scientifically engineered lean muscle building activator, formulated for athletes, bodybuilders and individuals that are serious about building lean muscle.  Lean Muscle Protein contains a superb amino acid protein profile with smart Carbohydrates, Creatine, Glutamine, Glycine, Electrolytes, EAAs, Arginine and BCAAs, which are generally considered the best available for muscle growth and recovery. BSc Lean Muscle (NitroVol) meets the requirements of those eating low fat meaning it can help you put on fat-free muscle.

Body Science Lean Muscle Protein is perfect for building lean muscle and avoiding gains in unsightly body fat. Research indicates that a whey and casein blend is superior to whey only for lean muscle. Due to its Creatine content , Lean Muscle Protein provides more advanced energy than other formulas, promoting anabolic status and muscle growth.

Given that Lean Muscle (NItroVol) may have a marked anabolic effect it is likely to be of benefit to those wanting to increase their lean muscle mass. Obviously bodybuilders could benefit from the cell volumising and metabolic advantages that BSc Lean Muscle Protein may provide. However, the physiological benefits of BSc Lean Muscle are not exclusively limited to the bodybuilder. In fact gains in lean muscle mass could benefit athletes in a number of sports such as those requiring strength and power. Therefore, although the physiological effects of Lean Muscle Protein Powder are of obvious benefit to the bodybuilder, they may also offer benefit to athletes in a number of other sports.

Body Science BSc Lean Muscle Directions:

Mix 2 heaped scoops (60g) with 250 - 300ml of cold water and consume immediately. May also be added to milk, skim milk, coconut water or fruit juice.

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