Bsn True Mass 1200

Bsn True Mass 1200


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1200 Calorie Mass Gainer Formula

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TRUE-MASS® 1200 is an ultra-premium super mass weight gainer designed for individuals with high calorific requirements or those who have difficulty gaining and maintaining mass.

BSN®’s signature protein formula is paired with a unique complex carbohydrate blend that includes oat flour for a convenient source of nutrition and extra calories.

BSN® distinguishes itself with a delicious milkshake-like taste that makes getting those extra calories a pleasure rather than a chore.

For the true hard gainer or anyone in need of serious calorific support TRUE-MASS® 1200 is the ultimate mass gaining option.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra Premium Protein & Carb Matrix
  • Dual carbohydrate sources including oat flour
  • 1200+ calories per serving from 50 g protein and premium carbohydrate complex
  • Highly dense macronutrient profile for hard gainers
  • Superior taste – remarkably rich and satisfying milkshake signature taste


  • 54 g of high quality multi-source protein per serving*
  • 210 g carbohydrates per serving*
  • 15 g dietary fiber per serving*

Directions for use

Mix 2 rounded scoops with 470ml of cold water.

Recommended daily consumption of 1 serving (2 scoops) per day.

BSN True Mass 1200