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Burn Protein Water + Collagen Protein by Maxine's

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Burn Protein Water + Collagen Protein by Maxine's

Your complete collagen protein solution is here. Specifically formulated for women, Burn Protein Water by Maxine’s combines 19g of protein and only 85 calories per serving, creating a dairy-free and gluten-free protein water. With added hydrolyzed collagen types I, II, and III, this supplement supports hair, skin, nails, joints, and overall fitness goals. This unique formula is designed to help you replenish, refresh, and repair for optimal performance, vitality, and health.

Maxine’s Burn Protein Water stands out with its trademarked fat-burning and carb-blocking complex, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their fitness and well-being. The added digestive enzymes ensure optimal nutrient absorption and gut health, providing a comprehensive approach to your dietary needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Collagen Support

    • 19g of Protein per Serving: Derived from type I & III hydrolyzed collagen peptides (from bovine) and type II hydrolyzed bone broth collagen (from bovine), providing a complete protein solution.
    • Supports Hair, Skin, and Nails: The collagen-boosting complex promotes healthier hair, skin, and nails, helping you look and feel your best.
  • Enhanced Fat-Burning and Metabolism

    • Natural Thermogenic Properties: Maxine’s trademarked fat-burning and carb-blocking complex boosts metabolism and promotes fat burning, aiding in weight management.
    • Low Calorie Count: With only 85 calories per serving, Burn Protein Water is an ideal supplement for those looking to maintain a low-calorie diet while getting sufficient protein.
  • Gut Health and Nutrient Absorption

    • Added Digestive Enzymes: Supports optimal nutrient absorption and gut health, ensuring you get the most out of each serving.
    • Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free: Formulated to be easy on the digestive system, suitable for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Overall Health and Vitality

    • Build and Tone Muscle: Supports muscle growth and toning, making it perfect for active women and athletes.
    • Maintain Healthy Joints and Bones: The unique collagen blend helps maintain healthy joints and bones, essential for an active lifestyle.

Why Choose Maxine's Burn Protein Water?

Maxine's Burn Protein Water is more than just a protein supplement. It incorporates L-tryptophan to provide a comprehensive protein source, along with glycine, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid to support the formation of new collagen proteins throughout the body. This ensures a balanced and effective approach to your health and fitness goals.

Recommended Use

Add 1 level scoop (approx. 25g) to a shaker with 400 - 600mL of cold water. Shake well for 20 - 30 seconds until fully mixed. For best results, take 1-2 servings per day between meals and after exercise. Do not exceed 2 servings per day.

Experience the benefits of a complete collagen protein solution with Maxine's Burn Protein Water. Boost your metabolism, support your gut health, and enhance your overall vitality with this exceptional protein water.

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