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Dragon Fuel By Red Dragon Nutritionals

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Dragon Fuel - EAA & Electrolyte by Red Dragon Nutritionals

Enhance your workout and recovery experience with Dragon Fuel, a meticulously crafted blend of Essential Amino Acids and naturally-sourced electrolytes.

Engineered to elevate your performance, Dragon Fuel encapsulates a potent combination of all twenty Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids using the power of PeptoPro® and free form amino acids. This fusion not only optimizes protein synthesis but ensures you remain hydrated and refreshed during and post-exercise. Whether it's during a challenging workout, after a session, or any time during the day, Dragon Fuel serves as your optimal companion for recovery and hydration. And for those with specific dietary needs, it's worth noting: Dragon Fuel is gluten-free.

Distinctive Features of Dragon Fuel:

  • PeptoPro® + Free Form EAA: At its core, PeptoPro® is a cutting-edge peptide formula derived from dairy protein. It encompasses all 20 amino acids required for muscle growth, especially in their di-peptide and tri-peptide forms, ensuring rapid absorption and immediate muscle nourishment.

  • Natural Hydration Sources: With coconut water powder, known for its rich vitamin and mineral content, alongside the replenishing attributes of Himalayan Rock Salt, Dragon Fuel ensures you're recharged and refueled, mirroring the vitality of nature.

  • Electrolyte Complex: With a robust 950mg of electrolytes, Dragon Fuel stands out as a comprehensive hydrating solution, ready to rejuvenate you after intense activities or even a taxing day.

Empower your routine with Dragon Fuel and experience a harmonious blend of strength, recovery, and hydration.

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