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Animal Nitro- EAA BCAA By Universal Nutrition

Animal Nitro- EAA BCAA By Universal Nutrition

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You are familiar with the concept of branched-chain amino acids. In addition, you might have been under impression that these are the most important supplements for you to use in order to achieve your desired level of muscle growth.

That is going to change very soon. The consumption of branched-chain amino acids is no longer sufficient on its own. Your performance will undoubtedly improve with the help of those, and you will not run out of energy while you are at the gym thanks to their use. However, you also need a number of vital amino acids if you want to see a real change in the results of your workouts. These are amino acids, which are the fundamental building blocks of muscles; as a result, they are going to ensure that your body is capable of repairing and growing brand new muscle at record speeds.

Animal Nitro by Universal Nutrition is going to bring you exactly this, so you can look forwards to it.

You will find that using this product helps you:

  • Recuperate from your workouts more quickly. You'll be able to recover more quickly, which will ultimately lead to faster results than you've ever seen before.
  • Reduce the amount of muscle soreness you are experiencing. You will have less soreness than usual as a result of the accelerated rate at which you are recuperating.
  • Gained more strength by training at the gym. If you have built up more muscle, then you have more muscle fibres that are actively functioning to finish each rep that you have to execute.
  • Increased anabolic activity across the board. Everything in your body, including your muscles, will be primed and ready to put on new size.

Animal Nitro by Universal Nutrition takes a standard BCAA supplement and supercharges it with everything your body could possibly want out of a supplement by adding everything your body could ever ask for in a supplement. When you use Animal Nitro, your cells will not only take in these aminos but also promptly put them to use. There is no room for doubt about this.

This product makes use of a unique Human Muscle Protein Complex (HMPC), which consists of uncoupled aminos that are able to enter your cells more quickly and begin their beneficial function immediately. You will not be left in the dust.

You will receive the following in each and every serving of Animal Nitro by Universal Nutrition:

  • 500 mg vitamin B6 to promote healthy energy levels
  • 10 mg of niacin, which improves your body's performance during physical activity
  • You will obtain almost 5 grams of the key amino acids that your muscles need in order for you to efficiently grow muscle. These are substances that cannot be produced by the body on their own and must instead be obtained from an external source.
  • 3500 mg of BCAAs to assist top off your system and ensure optimal levels of energy and recovery after a workout.

Animal Nitro is a supplement that can help support your strength training efforts and help you achieve your goals of generating improvements in the gym.

Animal Nitro- EAA BCAA By Universal Nutrition

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