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Optimum Nutrition Burn Complex Thermogenic Protein

Burn Complex Thermogenic Protein by Optimum Nutrition

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Optimum Nutrition Burn Complex Thermogenic Protein

* High Quality Protein

* Great Taste

* Thermogenic Loaded

* Energy Boosting

Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake contains key nutraceuticals and phytochemicals along with high quality dairy protein. What does this mean? It will get the job done! Not only have Optimum Nutrition created some delicious protein powders, but they have also enriched them with thermogenic enhancers to ensure your metabolism gets moving in all the right ways. Firstly, acetyl-l-carnitine has been added to ON Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake to support the natural oxidation of long-chain fatty acids. This means, acetyl-l-carnitine supports the burning of fat for energy. Interestingly, the acetylated form of carnitine possesses the ability to pass through the blood brain barrier, which is essentially a cellular filter to organise what can and cannot pass into the brain. After all, we need to protect our brain. Acetyl groups from the acetyl-l-carnitine molecule can then be donated to the synthesis of a neurotransmitter important for concentration and memory called acetylcholine. 

Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake is loaded with essential amino acids, contained in their native state as a protein molecule. These nine essential amino acids are found in each of the whey protein isolate and concentrate and micellar casein protein sources. Whey protein powder is considered to be the highest biological value protein yet discovered. In addition, it is rapidly digested and elevates blood amino acids fast. On the other hand, micellar casein is the highest quality form of casein, which is in fact a large and complex protein molecule that is digested and absorbed relatively slowly. This is a great thing, however, when you are trying to keep hunger pangs and food cravings away, as it leaves you feeling fuller for longer, and sustains blood amino acids over a longer period of time. Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake makes sure your amino acid levels pick up fast, and stay elevated for longer. This creates a favourable environment for maintaining muscle muss, which is not to be underestimated (as a crucial goal) during weight loss programs, as it reduces the risk of rebound weight gain. 

Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake not only contains high-quality bioavailable protein and acetyl-l-carnitine, but also three powerfully synergistic ingredients: green tea extract, L-theanine and caffeine. Interestingly, L-theanine and caffeine are both found within Camellia sinenses, the plant where green tea leaves are derived. Together, these nutrients boost energy levels and focus, whilst supporting mental clarity. L-theanine has actually been demonstrated to increase alpha brain wave activity, thus having an anti-anxiety effect. Though we are all familiar with the effects of caffeine, it is still in fact one of the most effective strategies to increase the metabolic rate, or the rate at which you burn calories. Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake contains green tea as a natural source of epigallocatechin-3-0-gallate (EGCG)—say that ten times real fast!—which is a polyphenol shown to give the metabolism a gentle boost5

With these ingredients combined, Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake really has taken powdered thermogenic formulations to the next level. Try it as a snack throughout the day, after exercise or to even replace a meal every now and then. Though however you take it, enjoy!  


How to Use Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake:

Mix one scoop (29.5g) into 240ml cold water, and shake or stir.

Optimum Nutrition Burn Thermogenic Protein Shake is Great for:

* Weight Loss Programs

* Slimming Programs

* Toning and Strengthening

* Post-Workout Recovery 

* Snack or Meal Replacement

* Energy Drink to Boost Focus and Concentration

* Fortify Low-Protein Diets

Burn Complex Protein Facts

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