Horleys Elite Mass Extreme

Horleys Elite Mass Extreme


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  • Accelerated Mass Gainer
  • High-Calorie Complex - 1000 Calories per 260g serving
  • 52g Protein per 260g serve
  • Added MCTs
  • Added Creatine for Muscle Building
  • Less than 10% Sugar

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BEST FOR: hard- or slow-gainers, ectomorphs, younger trainers with high metabolic demands, support for intensive bodybuilding growth phases.

High quality, calorie-rich carbohydrate and protein composition for optimal weight gains – designed specifically for those who are naturally skinny and struggle to gain weight. Delivers essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients offering additional nutritional support for healthy weight gain, your immune system and bone health.

High Energy
Mass Extreme is specifically designed to deliver maximum energy to help you before and after sustained, strenuous training.

Quality Calories
Expertly formulated with complex carbohydrates and MCTs to enhance the calorie density of your diet and power your training sessions.

Development of Muscle
Multiple sources of protein and complex carbohydrates work together to assist in the development of muscle.

Added Creatine
Creatine monohydrate is one of the most researched body building nutrients. It helps increase performance and build muscle. Creatine also draws water into your cells, making your muscles look a little bigger.

Horleys Mass Extreme Nutrition Facts