Swisse Professional Men's Vitality Tonic

Swisse Professional Men's Vitality Tonic


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Swisse Professional Men's Vitality Tonic is a unique combination of premium quality herbs used in traditional Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine used to help maintain male vitality by helping to relieve physical stress and support stamina, energy and concentration.

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Ingredients: SARSPARILLA 750mg (Smilax ornata root dry equiv. 750 mg); KOREAN GINSENG 262.5mg (Panax ginseng root dry equiv. 262.5 mg);  OLIVE LEAF 1.33g (Olea europaea leaf dry equiv. 1.33 g); ASTRALAGUS 562.5mg (Astragalus membranaceus root dry equiv. 562.5 mg); REISHI MUSHROOM 187.5mg (Ganoderma lucidum mushroom dry equiv. 187.5 mg); POMEGRANATE 3.75g (Punica granatum fruit juice fresh equiv. 3.75 g)

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