Swisse Professional Yeast Care

Swisse Professional Yeast Care


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Swisse Professional Yeast Care is a premium quality herbal and nutritional formula that provides support in the maintenance of normal intestinal Candida albicans levels, helps to restore microflora balance and supports the integrity of the digestive lining.

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Ingredients: PAU DARCO 833.32 mg (Tabebuia avellanedae equiv. 833.32 mg stem bark inner dry); GOLDEN SEAL 333.32 mg (Hydrastis canadensis equiv. 333.32 mg root dry); OREGON GRAPE 600 mg (Berberis aquifolium equiv. 600 mg root dry); CALENDULA 1.0 g (Calendula officinalis equiv. 1 g flower dry), ZINC 3.33 mg (Zinc amino acid chelate 16.67 mg), BIOTIN 33.33 mcg.

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