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Max's Casein-SR


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Casein SR is ideal for any individual looking to improve muscle recovery, for individuals who struggle with hunger at night or anyone simply wanting a high protein, low carbohydrate dessert style shake for before bed.

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Ensuring your body receives the right nutrition is a 24hour commitment. Muscle doesn’t stop growing when you sleep, in fact, it is arguably when you repair, restore and grow the most effectively.

Combining two slow release proteins in one, Casein SR ensures your muscle tissue is receiving a steady state release of amino acids for optimal repair and recovery at any time throughout the day and is perfect for that night time treat as well.

  • 23.2g Protein
  • 0.7g Fat
  • 2.3g Carbs
  • 110kcal

At only 110kcal per serve, Max’s Casein SR makes for the perfect pre-bed treat, with delicious flavours that can be used as a shake or even transformed into a high-protein, low-carb, low-fat dessert.

Stimulate your taste buds while stimulating muscle growth and improve your recovery with Casein SR.

Key Ingredients

Micellar Casein

Casein protein has long been recognised as the most effective anti-catabolic (muscle breakdown) protein source, of which Micellar Casein is specifically characterised by its large molecules that are retained in the manufacturing process and are highly effective in staving off hunger and improving the satiation effect of protein consumption.

Calcium Caseinate

Calcium Caseinate is naturally derived from milk and is known for its slow digestive capacity without being overly thick in palatability. This makes it the perfect slow digesting protein for those looking for a steady stream of amino acids into the bloodstream without impacting hunger.


1 Serving Before Bed - Mix 1 scoop in 200ml of milk or water and mix in a shaker for 30 seconds (1 level scoop = approx. 30 grams). For best results take 1 – 2 serves during the day and 1 serve 30 minutes before bed.