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GAT Jet Fuel is designed to maximise energy, promote euphoric well-being and to ensure hunger is kept at bay, Jet Fuel is the everyday fat burner that everyone will love.

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GAT produce high quality, well researched, affordable and effective products, and Jet Fuel is no exception! Designed to maximise energy, promote euphoric well-being and to ensure hunger is kept at bay, Jet Fuel is the everyday fat burner that everyone will love.

  • Powerful Fat Burning
  • Sustained Energy
  • Appetite Suppression

Maximise fat breakdown, transportation and utilisation while simultaneously flooding your system with high quality mood enhancers, energy intensifiers and appetite suppressors.

Primary Ingredients


Derived from both Guarana and Caffeine Anhydrous, Caffeine is known for its Adrenergic Receptor stimulation, which causes a release of both adrenaline and noradrenaline. By stimulating the flight or fight response, caffeine enhances performance, cognitive function and also increases lipolysis (the breakdown of fat).

Advantra Z

Advantra Z is a patented Citrus Aurantium extract known for its naturally occurring Hordenine, Synephrine and Octopamine, which work synergistically to both stimulate adrenaline and dopamine, causing increased energy and mood, while also reducing the reuptake of neurotransmitters, prolonging the energy benefits and reducing the potential chance of an energy crash.

Rhodiola Root Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is known as an anti-fatigue adaptogen, which are compounds characterised by their ability to reduce systemic stress. Rhodiola has been found to show significant benefits in reducing exercise-induced fatigue and pain, as well as improving brain function, which allows for a synergistic effect for users pushing them to work harder for longer.

Evodia Rutarcorpa

Used in traditional Chinese Medicine, the berries of the Evodia Rutaecarpa plant promote an increase in thermoregulation, resulting in a ‘warming effect’ and it has been proposed that this may enhance caloric expenditure.


Cyclic AMP is the theoretical key to fat loss as it aids in a number of biological processes, including the stimulation and release of Hormone Sensitive Lipase, (HSL), which is responsible for inducing lipolysis (fat breakdown). Supplementing with c-AMP may increase the net release of HSL and therefore can increase the utilisation of fats as fuel.


L-Theanine is a non-dietary amino acid, responsible for the release of relaxing neurotransmitters, however, it does so without sedation. When used alongside caffeine, Theanine has been found to enhance cognitive function and attention to the task at hand, which may help appetite regulation and exercise performance.

Griffonia Seed Extract

Griffonia is a West African herb, recognised as having the highest naturally occurring percentage of 5-HTP, which has been proposed to improve anxiety and enhance mood, which may result in a noticeable reduction of appetite.

Final Notes

Ignite your fat burning fire within by taking 1 scoop of Jet Fuel on an empty stomach either first thing in the morning or prior to training to maximise fat loss while you workout.