Arnold Iron Cre3

Arnold Iron Cre3

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Iron Cre3, Super Creatine Nitrate:

  • Increased Strenth, Power, Recovery.
  • Supports Muscle Building & Muscle Growth.
  • Rapid Absorption of Creatine - No Loading Required.

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MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3 Highlights

Contains Creatine Nitrate along with Vitamin C, E and Calcium

Included Hydration Matrix containing Taurine, Coconut Water Powder & Glutamine
MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3 Ingredients & Dosage

MusclePharm has indeed based the Arnold Series Iron Cre3 on the unreleased Cre-3 Creatine supplement from MusclePharm's unreleased Nitrate Series. Iron Cre3 is an extremely simple supplement containing:

Vitamin C (500mg)
Vitamin E Blend (500IU) – Including dl Alpha Tocopherol Acetate and mixed Tocopherols including gamma, delta and beta tocopherols.
Calcium (18mg) – As Calcium Silicate
Creatine Nitrate (1000mg)
HydraFuel Matrix (800mg) – Taurine, Coconut Water Powder and L-Glutamine
The Arnold Series Iron Cre3 is available in a 126g tub with 30 servings of 4.2g and with only 5 calories per serve.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3 Pros & Effectiveness

Creatine nitrate is an interesting and novel ingredient which combines the strength and energy boosting benefits of creatine with the pump inducing benefits of nitrates. Ideal as a pre-workout, this combination will not only help with exercise performance but may also assist with increasing the pump and flow of blood and nutrients to the exercising muscle. While there is only 1g of creatine nitrate per serve, the actual compound is actually 10 times more soluble than regular creatine monohydrate, which may also translate to improved absorption.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3 Cons

Unfortunately there has not been any published studies on the combination of creatine with nitrates. However, there is plenty of research on both creatine supplements and nitrate supplements and their benefits for strength and exercise performance both for resistance and aerobic training. If the absorption capacity of creatine nitrate is indeed better than creatine monohydrate, then MusclePharm are definitely onto a good thing. It's confusing as to why the other ingredients are included as there doesn't appear to be any synergism between them.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3 Taste & Mixability

Iron Cre3 is availabel in 3 flavours; Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Blue Raz. All the flavours are quite plesant to taste with no strong flavours or aftertaste. The supplement mixes well with little grittiness and minimal frothing. The flavour is similar to that of the popular pre-workout APS Mesomorph, which also contains creatine nitrate.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3 Verdict

The bodybuilding faternity has been waiting for the release of this Arnold Schwarzenegger Series of Supplements with bated breath and eager anticipation. The supplement may not be what old school supplement users are used to seeing in their creatine supplements, but it does potentially represent a bold new direction of creatine based supplementation. What's best about the supplement is that it can be used both as a creatine supplement, but also as a stim-free pre-workout and versatility is always good when it comes to supplements.